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National Quality Strategy Reports

  • 2011 National Quality Strategy Report – The initial National Quality Strategy, published in March 2011, established three aims and six priorities for quality improvement.
  • 2012 National Quality Strategy Report – The National Quality Strategy’s first annual progress report to Congress, published in April 2012, elaborated on these six priorities and established long-term goals and national tracking measures to monitor quality improvement progress. The 2012 report also identified three strategic opportunities for improvement, which cut across all six priority areas.
  • 2013 National Quality Strategy Report – Published in 2013, this second annual report provided updates on public and private payers’ collaborative efforts to align quality measures, progress against national tracking measures (where possible) and establishment of aspirational targets (as needed), private-sector successes in each of the six priority areas, and progress on each of the three strategic opportunities.
  • 2014 National Quality Strategy Report – Published in 2014, the third annual report highlights the selected communities, health systems, and organizations that show improvement in each NQS priority area through the Priorities in Action Series, illustrating how their successes demonstrate the potential impact of National Quality Strategy implementation. The report also provides an update on the progress on Federal and State Quality Improvement Efforts and as well an update on measurement.
  • 2015 National Quality Strategy Report – Published in 2016, this year’s National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report and National Quality Strategy Update is a joint effort addressing the progress made against the National Quality Strategy (NQS) priorities at the 5-year anniversary of the Strategy. The NQS is backed by the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report data. Integration of these two efforts within AHRQ supports the development of this more comprehensive report on the success of efforts to achieve better health and health care and reduce disparities.

Related Reports

The section on Related Reports links to reports from IOM, AHRQ, CDC, and the National Academy for State Health Policy that relate to access disparities, and other issues germane to the NHQDR.

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